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El Perdiguero Crianza2020


The Cigales wine region is located in central Spain, about an 90 mins West of Ribero del Duero. Sharing a similar climate to Ribero del Duero, the resulting wines are intense, rich, deep and velvety. This wine offers superb value for money for those who love the big, rich and full bodied reds.
This is a project run by Baron de Ley, one of the power houses of Rioja. They specialise in Rioja’s main grape, Tempranillo, and you can see their expertise here in this excellent value red.
Intense and elegant filled with dark red berry fruits and smoky minerality. Expressive and silky with a long velvet finsh.

Origin: Cigales, Spain

Grapes: Tempranillo

Style: Red Wine

Size: 750ml

ABV: 14%

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